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Chia Seed Drink

Cold-pressed veg, fruit & 11.36g of chia seeds

A whole lot of vegan protein, fibre & omega 3 in every bottle. Doubt your regular juice can say that. How? We add a tablespoon of chia, hydrated over night to our cold pressed fruit & veg. It’s simple, it tastes great & it’s highly functional. Wow.


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About Us

We’re making drinks more amazing

How do we do it? It’s simple – hours of research, an exceptional understanding of nutrition & a thirst to create products that go beyond anything else on offer.

We are young, hungry & dedicated to cultivating that amazing feeling. Whether that be through acts of inspiration; 100% natural juice bursting with protein, fibre & antioxidants; or events to give back to people who are making a difference.

#watchthisspace amazing things are happening. This isn’t a manufactured claim, but a cultivated promise.

Trust us. We know what we’re doing

Our Blog

Protein – What’s all the fuss about?
Protein – What’s all the fuss about?

Nutritionist in training, Isabelle Hoffmann from @issyeatshealthy knows a thing or two about fuelling your body the right way. We’ve asked…

Chia Power
Chia Power

It’s here. We’ve dropped our #chiapower campaign to celebrate our love for chia seeds, cold pressed juices & that amazing…

Now available at Co-op
Now available at Co-op

MASSIVE day at wow HQ!   We’ve always believed that super nutrition is not only for the advanced foodie; that…