10 ways to kickstart your autumn wellbeing

10 ways to kickstart your autumn wellbeing
01/11/2017 WOW

As the colder months creep up on us and you’ve got over the novelty of finding conkers on the floor, it’s easy to feel a bit glum and lacklustre in your overall wellbeing. Autumn is also the prime time to catch nasty colds so making sure your immune system is in tip top condition is very important.

Here are some of our top tips to keep your mind, heart and body happy this season.

1.Autumn walks

According to recent research, a gentle stroll through the countryside or park decked out in deeply rich autumn colours can lift people’s mood as the nights draw in. We recommend ditching the bus and walking home through a scenic route to get you home happy.

2. Keep vitamins up

In summer, everyone finds eating salad and fruit easy but as soon as that chill hits the air, the temptation to tuck in stodgy ‘beige’ food is real. But we need the vitamins and antioxidants fresh produce supplies in order to maintain the levels of good bacteria in your digestive system and strengthen your immune system. A bottle of our Chia Seed drink contains one of your 5 a day, as well as being chocked full of fibre, protein and immune-boosting ingredients.

3. Keep a (shut) eye on your sleep cycle

Your body temperature, lighting and stress levels can all impact your sleep cycle during winter. Keep these levels optimum to ensure you are getting the correct amount of shut eye. But do stay active too and don’t while away your weekends wrapped up in your duvet!

4. Make soups with seasonal produce  

A great comfort food that is still good for you is homemade soups. Take a visit to your local farmer’s market to purchase great-tasting, fresh seasonal veg and turn it into a delicious soup that will last you days at a time – or make use of your leftover pumpkin from Halloween!

5. Create the right environment to come home to

The darkness of the autumn season can have a serious affect on our wellbeing so make sure your home is well lit with cosy candles and lamps. We also love introducing welcoming, fresh scents too that aren’t too oppressive.

6. Stick to your exercise routine

If you want to stave off those dreaded autumn sniffles, make sure to keep active. Exercise boosts the production of white blood cells, which is an important element of your natural defence. If you don’t fancy trekking to the gym or a cold jog, set up a yoga studio at home and exercise there!

7. Stay warm!

There is truth in the old adage of your nan wrapping you in wooly scarf! If your body is directing its energy at keeping you warm, it means less effort goes into fighting off bugs and illnesses. Avoid going outside with wet hair and layer up when exercising outdoors.

8. Have digital detox every few hours

With the miserable weather outside, it’s easy to get sucked into staring at our screens for hours upon end but make sure you break up screen time with regular socialisation. Invite your friends round for a cosy meal or take up a restful hobby like knitting or meditation colouring

9. Start a gratitude journal

The Danish concept of ‘hygge’ practises the importance of expressing gratitude during the winter months. A good start is jotting down your thankful thoughts in a gratitude journal, preferably whilst sitting by a roaring fire! Well, the Danes are some of the happiest people on Earth so they must be onto something!

10. Take it slow

Invest in a slow cooker and spend an afternoon making something nutritious and delicious. Even better, load up your cooker before work then come home to meal that is already warm and inviting the minute you walk through the door.