Now available at Co-op

Now available at Co-op
29/03/2017 WOW

MASSIVE day at wow HQ!


We’ve always believed that super nutrition is not only for the advanced foodie; that great tasting, healthy alternatives to heat pasteurised, from concentrate juices are for everyone. We also know that it takes a great amount of confidence from major retailers to bring on new, innovative brands, challenging the status quo of supermarket shelves.


To The Co-operative for launching our Chia Seed Drinks into their meal deal – you’re awesome! No doubt what you’ve done will help push simple, healthy living further into the mainstream.


As a brand, we feel a serious amount of responsibility when it comes to correct nutritional education. That is why we’re about to drop our #chiapower campaign – developing a greater understanding of plant based protein, fibre & omega 3 & how chia seeds are an easy, enjoyable ingredient to get a little extra nutrition into your lunchtime beverage #staytuned


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