Chia Power

Chia Power
19/04/2017 WOW

It’s here. We’ve dropped our #chiapower campaign to celebrate our love for chia seeds, cold pressed juices & that amazing feeling.As a brand, we feel a serious amount of responsibility when it comes to correct nutritional education. We put a lot of effort in to the ingredients we source, & the processes we use, for your benefit. WOW is a drink not only great tasting but also delivers on nutrition like no other product on shelves. Discover the #chiapower in every bottle!


Omega-3, without the fishy taste. Essential fatty acids (think fish oil) help to fight inflammation, contributing to proper brain function and good vision. Luckily every bottle of wow boats 2.4mg of the good stuff.


One of the main reasons we’ve added chia seeds is their high fibre content. This not only keeps you fuller for longer but also positively affects the absorption of natural sugars found in our juice, preventing blood sugar spikes. No more 4pm slumps.


A complete source of plant protein? No whey! Chia seeds contain all 9 essential amino acids which is pretty rare amongst plant-based proteins. Plus they have 17g per 100g. Wow! Our signature green juice packs 7.25g of protein, more than a medium sized egg.

Due to its high magnesium content, chia seeds are great for fighting fatigue the natural way. Whilst it urges your body to create energy so you can be out & about, it also helps with you hitting the sack and get that beauty sleep bagged.

For the long-haul. One of our favourite facts about chia seeds is that they absorb thirty times their weight in water, regulating blood fluid levels. This keeps your muscles, skin & body hydrated for a longer time so you can keep pushing.

We’ve always believed that super nutrition is not only for the advanced foodie; that great tasting, healthy alternatives to heat pasteurised, from concentrate juices are for everyone. We believe that we’ve created a highly functional drink which not only tastes great but delivers on nutrition and flavour. We’re here to disrupt drink aisles, one bottle at a time.