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Finally. A drink to make you think. Literally. This isn’t just an energy drink, it’s a drink that takes your focus and brain power to a [potentially] untapped level.  WOW Focus uses Nootropic energy to provide a natural and immediate boost in alertness and supports cognitive function. Yes, please. Experience up to 3 hours of enhanced mental performance, all without the jitters, thanks to its scientifically proven blend of amino acids, vitamins, minerals and natural caffeine.

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Nootropics are ingredients that may improve cognitive function, memory and creativity in healthy individuals.

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natural caffeine

Focus contains a natural energy that is derived from green coffee beans. This is known as Coffeine™.

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no cal/sugar

We know how important clean eating/drinking is. So our Focus drink is completely sugar and calorie free.



To enhance flavour, our Focus drink contains a natural mixed berry flavouring.


nutritional information

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