Nutrition is the original WOW drink (the real OG, if you will) and has been providing customers with a delightful punch of omega 3, protein, raw ingredients and amazing taste for nearly 4 years. With 11.36g of hydrated chia seeds and over 200g of fresh produce (raw, high-quality, responsibly sourced fruits and vegetables), Nutrition also boasts the title of europe’s first ever chia based drink. It’s an impressive drink, what can we say.

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chia seeds

Handpicked from our sister farm in Bolivia; our chia seeds are naturally high in fibre, protein and omega-3.



The seeds are hydrated in water or orange juice for 24 hours. This helps the seeds release their goodness into your body quicker.

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fruit + veg

Our fruit and veg is grown in farms around the world. We don’t discriminate, wonky veg is fine by us.



Our bottles are cold-pressed, not pasteurised. This retains all the natural goodness from the produce.


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