Our top 5 favourite things about chia seeds

Our top 5 favourite things about chia seeds
20/06/2017 WOW


  1. A complete source of plant protein? No whey!

Chia seeds contain all 9 essential amino acids which is pretty rare amongst plant-based proteins. Plus they have 17g per 100g. Our signature green juice packs 7.25g of protein, more than a medium sized egg.

  1. Fibre for days

One of the main reasons we’ve added chia seeds is their high fibre content. This not only keeps you fuller for longer but also positively affects the absorption of natural sugars found in our juice, preventing blood sugar spikes. No more 4pm slumps.

  1. Omega-3, without the fishy taste

Essential fatty acids (think fish oil) help to fight inflammation, contributing to proper brain function and good vision. Our juices have 2.4g of Omega-3 in every bottle.

  1. Hydration for the long-haul

One of our favourite facts about chia seeds is that they absorb thirty times their weight in water, regulating blood fluid levels. This keeps your muscles, skin & body hydrated for a longer time so you can keep pushing.

  1. Antioxidants

By combining raw fruit, veg – already brimming with antioxidants – & chia seeds we transform our juice into an antioxidant powerhouse. These vital minerals not only slow down the ageing process, but are great for the immune system, fight radicals and protect your cells.