Introducing: Dark Detox

Activated charcoal, cold-pressed juice, agave & filtered water

The newest addition in the WOW functional family, WOW Dark Detox is a refreshing blend with cold pressed juice, water & activated charcoal. Low calorie and with three great tasting flavours, Dark Detox is 100% natural, 100% WOW.

Chia Seed Drink

Cold-pressed Fruits, Vegetables & 11.36g of Chia Seeds

A whole lot of vegan protein, fibre & omega 3 in every bottle. Doubt your regular juice can say that. How? We add a tablespoon of chia, hydrated over night to our cold pressed fruit & veg. It’s simple, it tastes great, & it’s highly functional. Wow.


Cold-pressing simply means that all raw fruit & veg which ends up in our bottles undergo thousands of pounds pressure to extract the maximum amount of juice. Doing so without any heat or oxygen in the process, all those precious nutrients, vitamins & enzymes are preserved so you can feel amazing.

High Pressure Processed

To make our juices last longer & preserve all their nutrients, every bottle of wow goes through high pressure processing. During this process the bottled juices bathe in highly pressurised cold water which kills any harmful bacteria. HPP means every bottle of wow is totally free from any preservatives.  

 The Benefits of Chia

Essential in the production of cells, healthy bones, hormones & muscle repair.

Positively affects the absorption of natural sugars, preventing blood sugar spikes.

Essential fatty acids fight inflammation, contributing to proper brain function and good vision.

Important both for a healthy immune system & protection of cells.