#wowescape – Where would we go?

#wowescape – Where would we go?
18/01/2017 WOW

#wowescape – Where would we go?

Got that wanderlust? Now’s your chance to win £500 worth of Secret Escapes travel credit to spend on your next adventure. All you need to do is take a picture of one of our drinks, share it on social media with the hashtag #wowescape and tell us where you’d go if you won. Easy! In case you are having a hard time deciding, here’s where the wow team is dreaming of going…

Rory, Founder – Barcelona
An exciting, cultural escape that could wow anyone.”

Ollie, Founder – Nice
“I would go to Nice and book an on-the-beach table at La Plage Keller …. and gobble seafood whilst drinking risling.”

Robert, Business Development – Faro
“A quick flight to enjoy the high temperatures, the beach and the cool Atlantic.”

Salar, Head of Business Development – Sardinia
“Blue sky, turquoise water, white sand….paradise!”

Chris, Supply Chain – Cinque Terre
“The country escape …”

Matt Corné, Head of Sales – Reykjavik
“I love it at winter and it’s also just the best place I’ve ever been!”

Andy, Marketing – Loch Ness
“Because #Ibelieve”

Cecile, Marketing – Barcelona
“A quick getaway to enjoy the sun and have some fun ”

Agnes, Marketing – Greece
“I would go to Greece, rent a boat and explore hidden bays with white sand and no-one around.”

Ryan, Marketing – Croatia
“Sun, beaches, waterfalls, Game of Thrones…What’s not to love?”