WOW Chia Seed Drink now available at Boots!

WOW Chia Seed Drink now available at Boots!
08/01/2018 WOW
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Your January health kick just got ten times better as we are now available in the Boots Meal Deal! Our Chia Seed Drink hit the shelves of over 500 Boots stores today and to say we are excited would be an understatement!

We believe so passionately in getting nutritional boosts into your everyday diet as easily and affordably as possible and we are so pleased Boots is able to support us in this mission. Together we will be able to spread the word of functional and cold pressed drinks to the nation. By teaming up chia with your sandwich or salad, you are helping hit your daily plant based protein, fibre & omega-3 intake.  

Check out where we are stocked to grab a bottle of WOW in your meal deal today.